Tips From TOPS Vol. 3

    Posted by Rachel Fox on July 31, 2018

    Welcome to Tips From TOPS, where we find the best ways for you to utilize the products that already improve your life. This month, we've included important features that can keep you connected with your homeowners and in the know on anything new. So relax, and keep reading to learn all the tips to keep your company in tip TOPS shape

    Only What You Want to See

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    Part of TOPS [ONE] saving you time and money, is making it easier to manage your communities. This becomes much easier, when you can sort your homeowners in the way that works best for you. You can even take the assortment that lends itself best, as your default view. All of these things, make TOPS [ONE] work for you.

    Who Owns This?

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    Now that you know how to filter things to cater to your needs, you can learn the different ways to filter on the owners page. Filter options range from balance to mailing address, making sure you get the right view for your management style.

    Banking on This

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    In order for your bark to accept payments, you have to be able to provide them with a Validation file. Even if you don't truly know what this is, there is an easy guide to exporting them. 

    Its Mail Time

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    Being able to quickly access information with TOPS [ONE] is great, but you can also quickly receive mailing addresses for everyone in your system and even print them as mailing labels. Whether they are a vendor, or you're generating them for multiple communities, or even if you're looking to generate labels for a specific group of people. 

    Everyone is Included

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    The Owners Access portal is a great asset for allowing your owners access to important information. They can view their account history along with outstanding fees or payments. The only problem with this feature, is if your owners don't have access to it. Luckily, there is an easy way to extend access to them.

    Do You Have a Request?

    Product: TOPS Pro, TOPS iQ, TOPS [ONE]

    This is a new series for us, and we're eager to highlight the things that work best for our clients. If you want to see certain content or features mentioned here, let us know!

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