Tips From TOPS Vol. 2

    Posted by Rachel Fox on June 28, 2018

    Welcome to Tips From TOPS, where we find the best ways for you to utilize the products that already improve your life. This month, we've included important features that can keep you connected with your homeowners and in the know on anything new. So relax, and keep reading to learn all the tips to keep your company in tip TOPS shape

    Can You Show Me?

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    We know that not everything can be explained in stills and screenshots, that's why we are back with another video tutorial! This video shows you how to add a bank account in TOPS [ONE] accounts payable from this video.

    Keep Payments Up to Date

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    Owner Prepaid balances are created when an owner pays in advance of future charges. Knowing what these balances are is half the battle, but the more important part is knowing how to adjust them.

    See What's New!

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    We are constantly updating our products to keep them in peak shape, and TOPS [ONE] has recently received a few new features. From document storage integration to improved signatures for banks. Each of these modifications will make your business run even smoother.

    Making Changes

    Product: TOPS Pro, TOPS iQ, TOPS [ONE]
    Change is always difficult, but we try to make transitions between products as painless as possible. The first step in the process is to send the TOPS information needed to import your communities. In a step-by-step guide you can learn how to export those files.

    Everyone is Covered

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    General Liability covers any third party affiliates of your business, and making sure you have the information for all of their insurance will keep everyone safe. This is a good reference for learning how to add vendors Liability & Workers compensation insurance information.

    Do You Have a Request?

    Product: TOPS Pro, TOPS iQ, TOPS [ONE]

    This is a new series for us, and we're eager to highlight the things that work best for our clients. If you want to see certain content or features mentioned here, let us know!

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