Tips From TOPS Vol. 1

    Posted by Meigan Montoya on May 31, 2018

    Welcome to the first ever Tips From TOPS article! If you follow our CAM blog, you're already familiar with this "mashup" format, where we showcase a number of articles that we feel offer fresh, new insight into some facet of the CAM industry. Each month we're going to roll out a few articles in our knowledge base that we think will help TOPS users really understand everything the application can do, and how to make it work most efficiently for you and your needs! 

    Drop Us a Line

    Product: TOPS Pro, TOPS iQ, TOPS [ONE]
    We know that the changes to Support have come with a bit of a learning curve. Eliminating the queue has been a huge help to how we handle incoming ticket requests and ensuring that we offer the best support possible for all levels of need, but changing methods has come with its share of challenges. For any questions about how to submit a support ticket, this article is here for you!

    Access Granted!

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    Not everyone needs to know everything, and being able to set up specific parameters for who can view what is essential. This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to restrict your custom fields to only be seen by specific roles. 

    "Sorry, that password is already in use!"

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    We've all been there. You forget which of your five passwords you used for that one account, or which variation of those five passwords you used because this specific login required one capital letter, at least 2 symbols, your favorite color, half a dozen hieroglyphs, and a partridge in a pear tree. So, you have to reset it. While we can't promise you won't end up trying to use your old password, we can help make the password reset process easy.

    Document Everything

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    Owner Access is a great way to keep your homeowners informed on all things related to their personal data. From the Owner Access portal, they can check out the standard information, like payment history and violations, and remind themselves of upcoming payments. They can also check whatever supporting documents that you upload.

    Cross Your T's and Dot Your I's

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    Bank reconciliation is one of those things that's of the utmost importance, but can go very wrong very quickly. TOPS [ONE] makes that task just a little bit easier with integrated bank rec functionality, and this handy article that explains exactly how to use it.

    Do You Have a Request?

    Product: TOPS Pro, TOPS iQ, TOPS [ONE]

    This is a new series for us, and we're eager to highlight the things that work best for our clients. If you want to see certain content or features mentioned here, let us know!

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