The Business Side of Natural Disaster Preparedness

    Posted by Meigan Montoya on September 11, 2018

    As Floridians, we understand the uncertainty and worry that precedes a hurricane making landfall. It's chaotic and makes decision making difficult.

    There are plenty of check lists out there (like this one that Florida meteorologist Denis Phillips shared to Facebook) that detail things you should have handy before a hurricane--flashlights, batteries, water, etc. But those lists don't usually include business preparedness, which is almost always the last thing on your mind in the midst of a mandatory evacuation. So let us be the ones to gently remind you that among your many preparations to keep your families safe, please don't forget your data.

    If you are using one of our cloud services like TOPS [ONE], TOPS iQ or TOPS Hosted, your data are safe in the cloud (and our servers are nestled safely in the upper Midwest, so your data will be just fine.) If you are using the TOPS Backup Service, be sure to run a manual backup today to cover your bases.

    If you are not a backup user, you can do a down and dirty backup solution in TOPS Pro by copying the entire TOPS folder from your server to an external hard drive. Be sure to store this external drive somewhere waterproof.

    Even if you're not currently in the path of a hurricane, Mother Nature has proven time and time again that she can change her mind at any given moment. Don't hold off until it's too late. Fill up your bunker boxes and back up your data today!

    Click here to download the infographic.