Save Time with Batch Adjustments (Why do it, and How to do it)

    Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on February 4, 2013

    Batch Adjustments are adjustments for groups of owners that can either be a one-time adjustment or recurring adjustments. Batch Adjustments are a more efficient way to adjust owner balances, either adding a charge or issuing a credit, when you wish to make an adjustment to either the entire community or a large number of homes.

    A batch adjustment is the most efficient way to handle a recurring adjustment, like a special charge or credit that applies to some owners in the Community on a regular basis. Examples might be Special Parking Permits, Additional Guest Fees, Electricity Credits (for common area lighting wired to homes), boat slips, etc.

    Batch Adjustments can also be used for reversing charges to a group of owners instead of doing individual Add/Waives. This definitely saves a lot of time. Example - client applied charges on the wrong date -and used something other than Flat Dollar Amount calculation method- they can create a Batch Adjustment and reverse the charges, or if interest was applied incorrectly.

    Unlike charge tables, future recurring Batch Adjustment charges cannot be printed on invoices, statements or coupons. If you wish to show a future charge on invoices, statements or coupons, you must set up a charge table rather than using Batch Adjustments.

    If you are making a one-time adjustment to an owner or a few owners, you should use the Add/Waive function on the Owner Balances screen rather than using Batch Adjustments. Batch Adjustments are really intended for recurring adjustment transactions to a group of homes where you wish to quickly make a one-time adjustment to a large number of homes in the community.

    How to set up Batch Adjustments

    • Click AR > Apply Charges > Batch Adjustments
    • Click Add
    • Enter a brief description for the batch
    • Select One-Time or Recurring
    • If you want to make a series of adjustments to selected owners (one at a time) continue on this screen. However, if you wish to apply the adjustment to a number of owners at once, click the Utilities button.
    • Select a charge code this adjustment will apply to.
    • Select an activation option to determine how the adjustment will apply to the individual owners:
      • Activate Charge Using Existing Table - This option will use the charge table categories from the selected charge code as a pattern to determine the amount charged to each owner.
      • Make Same Charge Amount - This option will make the same adjustment amount to all selected owners, equally.
      • Enter Charge Amount Manually - This option has the most flexibility but is also the most labor intensive, allowing you to set the amount for each owner added to the batch.
    • Define who the adjustment will be applied to, Owners or Renters
    • Define how you will be selecting the group of owners (All owners, ranges based on access key, buildings or sections, etc.) If none of these options allow you to select the group of owners you need, then you will need to exit the utility and return to the original batch adjustments screen, where you can select owners on a case by case basis.
    • Click OK
    • Follow the screen prompts to select owners and enter the amounts of the adjustments

    Once you have entered the information, review your completed batch. (You can double click on any of the records in the list to individually change any of the adjustments.) and once you are satisfied with it, click post to complete the adjustment.

    Image Credit: Sean MacEntee via flickr