TOPS Professional Release Notes

    Posted by Maria Reyes on May 23, 2019


    TOPS Professional Release Notes

    Updates to the Help System

    TOPS Help

    We’ve upgraded the Help options in TOPS Pro to make it easier to access our Help resources.  This includes access to our Knowledge Base, TOPS Manuals, Training Videos, and our original Help documentation.  We have also added the new feature to “Submit Support Ticket.” 

    Access to the Help System has not changed; we’ve only added options for easy access.

    • Help Knowledge Base - Opens the TOPS Professional Help Center. Here you can search the “How To” articles and “Troubleshooting Tips” for answers to common issues.
    • User Manuals – Takes you to the Customer Care Center location where all manuals are stored.
    • Training Videos – View TOPS Professional training videos on Youtube.
    • Original Documentation – Legacy Documentation

    Submit Support Tickets

    We added the feature “Submit Support Ticket” so clients can easily create a Support ticket from within TOPS Pro.
    This menu option is located under Help:

    Users will be redirected to our TOPS Support Center - Submit A Request where tickets can easily be submitted. 


    TOPS Sync Service

    For our clients that are contracted with our Partners and are using the TOPS Sync Service, we added the “TOPS Connect Sync” option.  This option will only display for clients using this Service.

    When selected, it opens the TOPS Connect Service Interface which allows clients to Install, Uninstall, Start and Stop the service.

    Mobile Device Utility

    Updates to the Utilities > Mobile Device Utility. 

    The default for this menu option drop-down is “TOPS Go!”.  If you are still using one of the older Mobile Device Utilities, such as the Hand Held Unit (for those of us that still remember this), please contact Support to have the option turned back on.


    AHN Sync Clients 

    For our legacy AHN Sync clients that have not integrated to the TOPS API yet, we have added a menu item that opens directly to your AHN Website.  This option will only display for AHN clients. 

    In addition to this, we removed some out of date options under Community Web Sites.  It’s cleaner and much simpler to use.  

    This is how it looks now:

    As soon as Frontsteps (formerly AHN) has integrated all their clients with the TOPS API Sync, these options will be removed. 

    Program Updates

    TOPS iQ AR Owner Balances Grid

    • With this release, we identified and resolved an issue with the Balance Column. The homeowner’s balance in the grid now matches the balance in their account correctly.

    Phone Messenger

    • Phone Messenger report printing has been fixed.
    • Phone Messenger will now open multiple instances of the program per machine.

    AR Reports

    • Updated the Aged Owner Balance report to display ten-digit values for the Report Summary Total.

    CCR Ride Report

    • Printing by Range of Address is no longer throwing an error message and printing correctly.

    Service Requests

    • If a Service Request was being deleted, the first record in the list of Services Requests was also being deleted in error. This has been resolved.
    • The pop-up message “The Current Record Has Changed.  Do You Want to Save the Changes?" no longer displays. Changes to Service Requests are now automatically saved.

    Enhanced Bills

    • Intermittent issue resolved where emails were being processed and attachments were not being sent.
    • When using Yearly Accounting, selected codes were not displaying Misc. Charges when the option for Future Charges we selected. This is now working correctly.

    Utilities - Import Export

    • Added new utility “Export TOPS to CSV” to TOPS Pro. This will mainly be used for TOPS [ONE] clients who are exporting TOPS Pro/iQ community data to TOPS [ONE].

    TOPS iQ Account Managere

    • TOPS iQ – Community list will now create and save correctly.
    • When selecting this option, any community with an ID of 2 characters was unchecking the communities in Users & Passwords which removed them from the Community Selector. This has been resolved.


    • Utility was displaying an error on start up. There was an error reading the registry for the correct client ID.  It now will check to see if the registry contains a null or not. 
    • Removed the option “Go to TOPS Backup Website” under View. This website no longer exists. 
    • Fixed the link for Online Help.
    • Updated the security link for Account Setup > Maintenance.

    Scheduler and Job Streaming

    • Scheduler will prompt the user to run scheduled jobs if this option has been selected when setting this up through Job Streaming.
    • Printing Report Defaults from the Scheduler is working again.
    • Job Streaming will create web reports as a service.
    • Job Streaming will auto-run CAB Upload.
    • CAB Upload was sending extra characters when uploading.

    Switch Community

    • Switching communities will now update the communities’ databases once per day. This is to increase the performance of moving from one community to another.
    • When switching communities intermittently, a blank or green screen would display. This will no longer appear.

    Flex Data Report

    • Flex report was reporting an error "too many merge fields" when there were too many records. The report will now display.

    Owner Reports - Annual Meeting w/Signature

    • This report was marking Owners that are not delinquent as delinquent. The report now respects the Report Date as the date they were delinquent.

    Mail Queue Manager

    • Some emails were marked as Queued in the Communications History even though they had been Sent. This has been resolved, and all Sent emails will be marked accordingly. 

    Report Defaults

    • Print to printer option now works.

    Create Coupons for BB&T

    • The coupons were missing an address if the alt. address button was check marked even if no address was filled in. This has been resolved.

    Mailing Labels for Group Owners

    • Issue when using the option “Consolidate Group Owners” for Mailing Labels has been resolved.

    Vendor History

    • Vendor history will now open multiple Vendor histories per user.

    Account Manager

    • Assigning communities to a user will now properly update the user’s community list.
    • Intermittently users created in TOPS iQ could not log in until they logged into TOPS Pro first.

    *Image Credit: Kevin Dooley via Flickr