Release Notes for TOPS Professional (Spring/Summer) Update

    Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on July 22, 2014


    TOPS Release

    New Features

    Journal Entry Import Utility

    * Download the User Manual for this new feature here

    • This new feature can be used to import any type of Journal Entry from external systrems or providers such as Payroll – (Paychex, ADP), QuickBooks or any other system that can create a Comma Separated Values (CSV) text file. Using Journal Entry Import makes it easy to create Journal Entry batch files for posting to the General Ledger. This can be accessed under TOPS Pro > Utilities.
    • When a Journal Entry Import Batch gets posted, the GL Source Identifier in the General Ledger View Accounts displays as “IM” to distinguish this as Imported data.
    • Journal Entry Import was added into Users & Passwords Group Menu Restrictions to allow or restrict users from accessing this utility.

    Auto Check Reconciliation

    * Download the updated User Manual for this feature here

    • With the latest version of Auto Check Rec, TOPS has added 3 banks from which you will be able to download transactions which normally appear on a bank statement. The newly added banks are:
      • Association Capital Bank
      • Community Association Bank
      • Union Bank (SmartStreet)
    • A new field was added to the program to be able to display any “Bounced Items” when downloading CAB bank transactions.

    Calendar/Scheduler updates and running the Scheduler as Windows Service

    * Download the User Manual for this new feature here

    * Download the full manual for the scheduler here

    • Running the Scheduler as a windows service. This option allows clients to run scheduled processes without having to remain logged in to one of their systems. This must be started on a server system, however Scheduled jobs can be started on any system in the network that uses their server as the data path. This is a background process that is visible from the Task Manager as TopsService.exe.
      • TOPS Task Manager – When you schedule this to run it will shut down old processes that are running in the background that should have stopped at some point. These processes are CCRMain.exe, Phone Messenger and TOPSPro.exe.
      • File Maintenance – We added this option that calls the TOPS Cleanup routine. This makes it handy to schedule your cleanup of old files that are not needed instead of having to remember to do this on a regular basis.
      • Association Capital Bank – When run, produces 2 output files – a Validation file and a Hold Payment file. You will be provided with a dropdown list of Community Groups to choose from that have already been set up as part of the Lockbox - Bank Export.
      • Rebuild Access Data – This option can now be scheduled to run in TOPS Pro. We have found that some clients perform this before running syncs (websites, mobile, etc) for their larger communities. TOPS added this feature to make it easy to schedule the rebuild on a regular basis if needed.
    • Get Docs Now and TracerPro Sync options have been disabled from the Scheduler.

    Program Updates

    TOPS Go! Sync

    • TOPS Go! Sync has been revised! Communities that had an extremely large amount of Owners and Vendors were experiencing slow uploads of data due to the way the sync was working previously. We have altered the process in such a way, that after the initial sync of Communities, only those Owners or Vendors who were either added as new or had changes to their Accounts will upload. This change has significantly increased the speed of TOPS Go! Sync.
    • Added the ability to force an upload of all records (whether changed or not) to ignore any last Modified Date by unchecking the new TOPS Go! Sync option “Changed Records Only”. This will add/update missing records for Owners, CC&Rs and WOs.
    • After receiving many client requests, we added the ability to close CC&R and Work Order records on the device and after running a Sync for Open Records Only, those records will no longer display on the device.

    TOPS iMail Manager

    • The message has been changed when you reach your monthly plan limit. New message displays in the Mail Queue Manager as: "You have reached your monthly email limit. If you have any questions or would like to change your plan, please contact TOPS sales: (800) 760-9966."

    GL Balance Sheet Report

    • Balance Sheet Trends – Figures in the Subtotal Current Liabilities and Subtotal Reserves were differing from the prior month’s report. This has been resolved.

    Payroll Update

    • The company name has been revised on the Payroll stubs. The top stub will have two lines of Company information and the bottom stub will contain a line with the company name only.

    Bills & Coupons

    • Statement File (SouthData) - Long street addresses were exceeding the number of characters that were input in the SouthData .pan files. We increased the number of characters from 35 to 40 to allow for longer street addresses that SouthData can now handle.
    • Enhanced Bills - Communications History was not being updated when printing or emailing a statement using the Union Bank/SmartStreet scanline. This issue has been resolved.
    • With the acquisition of SmartStreet by Union Bank the management team at Union Bank asked TOPS to offer the ability to email these statements. Enhanced Bills Scanlines have been updated to enable emailing SmartStreet Statements and Invoices.


    *Image Credit: Kevin Dooley via Flickr