TOPS Professional July 2019 Release Notes

    Posted by Maria Reyes on July 25, 2019


    TOPS Professional Release Notes

    Program Updates

    Enhanced Bills

    • We added the option to change the Online Payment Link within Enhanced Bills.  The link can be changed to your online payment provider’s URL in the menu option for your Management Company Information. 

      This is how the line will display on Statements:

    Work Order

    • Resolved an issue where sending an email to an Owner was pulling a Previous Owner’s email address if both accounts contained email addresses after a resale was done.

    Flex Data Reports

    • Removed “Active Report EVAL” message at the bottom of the report.
    • Boolean fields (True/False) were at times, reporting incorrect data.
    • Removed the options under Owner > Reports > Flex Data Reports for Unlimited Flex Data Reports. These options were available for the Legacy Flex Data only.  Upon upgrading to the new version “Unlimited Flex Data,” these options would no longer apply.

    Mailing Labels

    • Printing mailing labels using the "Include Preferred Access Key" option will now print the entire Account Number.

    Gate Number

    • Special Instructions are now saving and working as intended.

    Phone Messenger

    • The Phone Messenger window has been updated, so its size can be changed. This makes it easier to add and view Message Details and Comments.
    • Show time will display time when the ticket is closed or paused.
    • Auto-start timer will now start if the message is closed.
    • Corrected icon for pause/resume.
    • Disable buttons when a ticket is closed.

    CCR Close Batch

    • Resolved an issue where CCR Batches would not close if a Violation Code were not assigned to the CCR.

    GL Close Year

    • Updated the GL Close Year screen, so the default screen tab focus is set to “Current Budget – Leave budgets as they are.” This will prevent users from accidentally changing the Preserve G/L Detail to Purge G/L Detail. 

    Vendor History

    • In TOPS iQ, the Vendor History screen would open off-screen occasionally, and there was no way to recover the screen. It will now open on the screen and can be moved so it can be viewed easily.

    Pro/iQ Launcher Files

    • The launchers will now install fonts that are in the [TOPSinstallpath]\fonts folder when updating files.

    *Image Credit: Kevin Dooley via Flickr