Protect Your Data — Don’t learn the Hard Way

    Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on October 29, 2014

    Data Secutity With TOPS IBS

    You depend on the integrity of the data that you've been accumulating over past years, whether you’re a management company executive, an accountant, a property manager, or a board member. It’s vital that you keep your critical community information intact. And you know what, it’s easy!

    All too frequently here at TOPS, our support team takes calls from clients about damage that was done to their systems (and the data contained on those systems) from various malware out there today. In this day and age, you MUST take precautions to keep your association data secure. Despite all of the viruses on the web, threats of “keylogging”, “malware”, “worms”, and “ransom-ware”, damages from attacks on your machines are preventable (or recoverable) if you have foresight to protect against them.

    While some TOPS users only worry about those nasty programs and what they can do to your data, another group of users may have security in place for malware but they are not paying attention to the size of their hard drive and they reach the limit of their hard drive storage space, or, their hard drive containing their precious data crashes. Loss of data from these unexpected occurrences can be a huge problem when it happens—but this data loss is very preventable. How?

    Backups to the Rescue

    We have encountered companies that have been brought to their knees and have lost countless man-hours trying to recreate historical data. As awesome and magical as TOPS support can be, without backups it is almost impossible to easily recover from a detrimental data loss.

    The first question we usually ask our clients is: “What do you use for Backups?” Too often, we receive the dreaded answer: “We don’t have backups/We don’t do backups/We've never needed backups before.”

    Our plea to you is, don’t learn the hard way. Use backups as a safety net to prevent the unexpected data-loss disaster waiting to happen! Making regular backups ensures that good data can be retrieved and restored, keeping your business and its reputation in good standing.

    How do I make Backups of TOPS Data?

    Any backup solution is better than none, but if you are looking for an easy option, the TOPS Internet Backup Service is conveniently built into the TOPS Program, offers levels of customization, and is able to be scheduled from the TOPS Scheduler program. You can never be too safe when it comes to backing up your data! Don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t “hope” or “think” that your data is safe – TAKE ACTION TODAY!!!

    To learn more about the TOPS Backup Service, click here, then call your account representative for help setting up this simple, but extremely important service!

    Image Credit: Kevin via flickr