New to TOPS | Making Your Tools Work for You

    Posted by Tevin Mallory on March 29, 2018

    Fun fact about me: I really like cooking, and I'm actually pretty good at it. I'm probably not the next Master Chef, but I can cook for a crowd and generally please everyone. That's because what I put into my cooking is exactly what I get out of it. I take a lot of time to learn new spice blends, cooking techniques, and various "cooking hacks" to constantly up my kitchen game. It's not about the type of mixer I use, or the sharpness of my knives. Those certainly help, but they will not be the thing that makes or breaks my dish. Continued investment in my cooking ability is what really makes the difference. In a lot of ways, technology is the same--it's a tool, and the person behind it is what really makes it the best it can be.

    As much as we would love for technology, old or new, to come with zero learning curve, sometimes it's unavoidable. Because of the struggle technology can bring, people tend to write off really fantastic solutions, wary of trying to keep up with that learning curve. But much like learning how to cook a good meal, learning new technology will take time and effort. And the end result is always worth it. The same can be said for our products here at TOPS. We're not just going to leave you high and dry and struggling to learn all on your own, though. We've got you!

    When it comes to TOPS [ONE], there's definitely a need to understand the technology so that you can use it to its fullest potential. To assist you, we'll be hosting a series of blog posts called "Tips From TOPS" featuring how-to's, tools, and key features. Simply put, this blog post is the first of many to help you get the most out of your TOPS [ONE].  


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    Welcome to Your Help Center

    The TOPS Help Center is where you can find articles, videos, guides, and help files for TOPS [ONE]. You won’t have to spend time working with support about FAQs, you will be able to troubleshoot most basic software problems yourself, and you will really know what the software can do. The Help center is designed to provide you with a complete self-service support option, so feel free to look around and get a lay of the land!


    Support Tool – Search for Help and Then Contact Us

    Our Technical support team is working hard to deliver the best our product has to offer in a manner that will suit your business needs. The Support Tool allows you to quickly find and receive help, and provides knowledge articles designed to assist in overcoming common roadblocks. If you understand how the software works on a basic level, then you will be able to ask them more informed questions.


    Download Templates in the Marketplace

    You can find templates for Letters, Checks, and Statements in the Template Marketplace. All of the TOPS [ONE] default templates are available here. Additionally, as a TOPS [ONE] User you can submit and share your own templates with other TOPS [ONE] users.


    Check Recent Program Updates

    The most important action you can take is updating your program. Imagine trying to do your daily tasks on a typewriter. Updates can be a little painful, but in the end they're worth it to ensure you're running at full capacity.


    Always remember that, much like learning how to kick butt in the kitchen, learning how to kick butt with your software solution will take time. But, it will be worth the effort. Take the time to understand it and you'll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor