New Hotfix Released 10-31-2014

    Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on October 30, 2014

    TOPS October 2014 Hot Fix

    The updates in this hotfix will be available on the launcher Friday, October 31, 2014. Included in the hotfix are a number of TOPS Backup Service updates, a new, faster report engine for several TOPS properties, and a small collection of other fixes and updates.


    • Corrected an issue in mailings that prevented labels and emails from being generated properly when the “Offsite Owners Only” option was selected from the print dialogue.
    • Owner Mailings reports have been reconfigured to use the FastReports reporting engine. This should result in a significant speed boost for owner mailings.

    General Ledger

    • Resolved an issue with customized GL Layouts that prevented added page breaks from printing in customized reports.
    • Added the option to print to an Excel Spreadsheet on the GL Income Statement reports.


    • Enhanced Bills & Statements reports have been reconfigured to work with the FastReports engine. For clients who were unable to use Enhanced Bills and Statements due to large amounts of data processing too slowly, we recommend you give this another shot.


    • Vendor History reports have been converted to the FastReports engine. This should improve running speed for these reports.
    • Corrected an issue that caused the Global Vendors function to break whenever the Rebuild Access Data utility was run. After rebuilds, new global vendors will no longer display with a zero (0) ID or the letter V as their name in the vendor selection combo box.


    • Added Flex Data and AR Detail to Global Reports Lookup.


    • Updated the Help > Support Session link to point to the new support connector.

    TOPS Scheduler

    • Using the Scheduler as a Service and running Rebuild Access Data and Community Websites now uploads the correct City, State and Zip from the Owner Control file, instead of the CSZ from the Community Info.
    • We've updated the encryption method of the upload file for Community Association Banc (CAB) to be more compliant.

    TOPS Backup Service

    • Corrected an issue on the signup form that attempted to redirect users to an invalid IP address, resulting in a 404 error.
    • Corrected an error that appeared when restoring community files
    • Help options now point to the Backup Wiki on the TOPS Customer Care Center.
    • View options and links are now all working as intended.
    • All reports have been converted to the FastReports engine, making them… faster.
    • The TOPS Backup Service will now delete its own temporary work files to prevent file bloat.


    The The above updates apply to the following programs: TOPS Professional, TOPS Pro Hosted, TOPS iQ