New Features in the TOPS Customer Community

    Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on June 3, 2015


    We are pleased to announce that the newest update to the TOPS Customer Success Community is now live online. Here are some of the exciting new features you can now use in the TOPS Community:

    1. IDEAS - Ideas is the next big idea (no pun intended) for TOPS Development. There is no more suggestion email box that isn't answered by a live person. Instead, you can post your suggestions to improve the product to the new IDEAS tab in your TOPS Community. All other TOPS users who log in can see your suggestion, and if they like it, or have the same need, they can upvote your ideas, or add additional comments to help better explain the need to the TOPS Development team.

      As we go through development cycles, our product managers will review pending ideas, and use this valuable customer feedback to determine future changes to TOPS products. Ladies and gentlemen, the power of the future development of TOPS is now in your hands. Please use it wisely.
    2. KNOWLEDGE - Knowledge is the primary database of support articles. This started as an internal support tool and was opened up to allow all customers to use. While Knowledge is not actually new to the Community (it was the first feature we released for this new portal) we have added approximately 300 new articles to the knowledge base since it's initial release.

      We have also added some social features to knowledge to allow you to interact and help make our support database better not just for yourself, but for other customers as well:

      • Popularity - You can now sort articles based on their popularity (most number of views by all customers). The 'Most Viewed' indicator (5 squares) will show which articles matching your search are the most viewed by other Community visitors.
      • Quality Rating - If you find an article particularly helpful, you can rate it by clicking a number of stars at the top of the article. Sort by 'Best Rating' to see these articles first in your search results. (Articles with a poor rating will be reviewed by our product owners to see if they may be improved to provide you with more helpful solutions.)
      • Filter by Product/Module - Clicking the "Support" button from the main article list will open a filter showing all of our products and the modules within. If you are looking for help in a specific area, you can use this button to drill down to only articles related to that area.
    3. MY CASES & NEW CASE - While these two features have not drastically changed, we have moved them from the drop down profile menu to more prominent tabs on the main navigation area.
    4. PROFILE - We've added a brand new Profile page, which allows you to update your profile picture, communicate with other people on the Community, see your ranking on the site, and check your recent activity in the feed.

    We hope you enjoy these new features in the TOPS Support Community. It is our goal to provide you with ever more control and access to help resources.

    If you are not already using the TOPS Community, now is a great time to go check out all the shiny new features! If you have logged in previously, you can click the "I Forgot My Login" link on the login page, and an email will be sent to you by with your password reset information. If you have never logged in to the community, please call your Account Manager at 800-760-9966 to request a login code be sent to you.

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