New Customer Portal Coming Soon

    Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on September 4, 2013

    If you've logged in to the TOPS Customer Care Center recently, you've probably seen the announcement that we are working on a customer portal where TOPS users can log in and view support tickets. We actually made that announcement a while back (like a year ago…) when we first started working on the project. Meanwhile, we have been working on a lot of our other internal systems to consolidate and de-compartmentalize our data. One tool that has been a big part with this effort is SalesForce, a leading CRM (customer relationship management) which we have now implemented in our Sales, Professional Services and Marketing teams. Very soon, we'll be rolling out SalesForce to our support team - all of the setup legwork has been completed, and we are in the process of training our techs to use the new system.

    This represents a major effort in consolidating TOPS' internal data management tools, and helps provide our clients with a more unified customer experience. (For example, your account representative will now be able to review your support ticket history, and communications sent between you and the sales rep will now be visible to the support team.) In addition to the back-end integration on our end, we will also be rolling out (finally) the Customer Portal, which has now been completely updated to talk to the SalesForce data.

    The Customer Portal allows users to:

    • Create support tickets and review open tickets for your entire organization. (No more finding out that Joe already called this one in and you waited on hold for nothing!)
    • Add comments and/or mark open tickets as resolved.
    • View support ticket history (Filter the display any way you like!)
    • Globally search for past ticket solutions (It's like your own personal TOPS knowledge base. Never again will you have to call support and ask "Can you remind me of what you did to fix this problem last time?")
    • Manage your company contact records at TOPS (Not only can you change contact info like addresses, phone numbers and emails, you can add and remove contacts, and even define who is eligible to make changes by marking them as an administrator.)
    • "GREENer" invoicing. (Instead of a printed mega statement showing every ticket from the month, you can review monthly tickets online. Your monthly invoice will be a sleek one or two pages. YAY, we're saving a forest!)

    We are so excited to implement these changes, and we just know you are going to love it as well! Look for it to go live by the end of September, just in time for budget season!


    A note from support – While we are all very excited about the new systems that are being put in place, please note that no amount of training can replace experience, and we may experience some slow-down during this transitional time while we implement the new systems. We ask for your patience and understanding. Thanks!

    image Credit: Nikolay Miroshinichenko