Keeping Your Support Options Open

    Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on June 9, 2014

    TOPS Support Can Do It

    Some of the hardest workers at TOPS are the members of our Support Team here in our Clearwater, Florida office. Every day they are constantly solving complex issues for TOPS customers running a variety of TOPS configurations. It’s not always easy, but their knowledge and resourcefulness enable them to resolve issues quickly.

    This year, we have made several key changes to help improve our support infrastructure to make giving support easier for them and getting support easier for you. In order to better explain the improvements we've made to our Tech Support process, we produced a short video which explains how things were with the Support process and a how they are now. Mike Hardy, President of TOPS Software guides you through the changes:

    Self Help Resources

    The Support Wiki

    If you need help in a hurry, sometimes the fastest course of action is to find it yourself! Our support wiki features articles on topics covering every aspect of using TOPS products and services. (wiki stands for "What I Know Is..." and it's simply a repository for our collective knowledge on the products. Think of it as a knowledge base of all the information inside our heads!)

    User Manuals Online

    When you are new to anything, it helps to read the docs first. We've loaded our extensive PDF library of user manuals onto this very website for your convenience. Download the ones you need to your computer or browse online to search for specific items, or to print and read at your leisure.

    Recorded Training

    Our training department has created dozens of quick, bite-sized training classes that you can watch at any time to get quick instructions on how to do a task in TOPS. These recorded training classes (along with the live class webinars) are included in every support plan. Simply use the code your administrator receives from us via email each month. (There is no limit to how many in your organization may access training!)

    When you Call (800-899-5689)

    Direct Path to Support

    We've recently added a new feature to our phone system which allows the quickest possible way for you to enter the queue (no more holding to be placed on hold!). Simply enter your 6-digit TOPS Support ID at the prompt when calling in and you are immediately placed in the queue. Our technicians take calls in the order in which they are received, the current wait time being approximately 5 minutes.

    Call Back in Queue

    If you don’t wish to hold, you will be given the opportunity once you enter the support queue to request an automatic call back from one of our support team members. The Call Back in Queue feature will even save your place in line so that you only wait exactly as long as you would have waited on hold, except you won't be chained to the phone, or forced to listen to our (totally awesome) hold music.

    Support Receptionists

    See Jeanne in the video above? If you still want to talk to her (or Ariel), you always have that option when you call support. Whether it's a quick question or you do not know your Support ID, or you just want to speak to a live person who can log your support ticket, when you call 800-899-5689 and press 2 to be transferred to support, simply hold on the line instead of entering your support ID and you will be automatically transferred to our reception desk after a minute. If the phone rings for more than a minute, the receptionists may have stepped away. You can return to the queue or request a callback through the automated system.

    Other ways to Contact Support

    The Customer Care Portal

    We had many requests for an online customer portal. You wanted a way to view your list of approved contacts for TOPS, the ability to search for previous resolutions to your support issues, an easy way to track a support ticket online. You wanted, we delivered! Enter the TOPS Customer Portal! Note that requests or questions submitted via the Customer Portal can take up to 1 business day for a response. If you have an emergency, or need an answer immediately, give our support team a call at (800) 899-5689.

    Email Support

    Due to popular demand, we have also brought back the support email. If all you need is to create a support ticket for later resolution, this is the laziest way to do it! You can email directly to or fill in this new Contact Support form to request assistance. (Please include as much information as possible whenever you contact support so we know who you are and how to identify your issue.)

    Scheduled Support

    If you’re going to have a 3rd party on-site such as an IT person or auditor, you can use the customer portal to create a ticket letting us know when the 3rd party will be on-site. With a few business day notice, we should be able to assist you at the specified time you set (during normal business hours). Why incur extra charges for those 3rd parties calling in to our support? Submit a request through our customer portal!

    Premium Support

    Did you know that you can upgrade to “Premium Support”? How is this to your advantage? Customers on Premium Support receive priority positioning in the hold queue, and are guaranteed to wait no longer than 45 minutes. Contact your Account Representative to get started!


    Nobody likes to have to wait to speak with a technician, but you now have more options than ever to get the support resolution you need. We hope that knowing your support options will make your TOPS support experience as effortless and pleasant as possible!


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