Just in Time for Coupon Season...

    Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on August 8, 2018

    Coupon season this year is going to be easier and cheaper thanks to TOPS Mailroom, a new feature coming out this Fall from TOPS Software.

    TOPS Mailroom will work in conjunction with TOPS products like TOPS [ONE]®, TOPS iQ® and TOPS Professional to allow managers to automatically generate coupon books, statements and other homeowner communications at the push of a button.

    Generated files will email to homeowners who have opted-in through the TOPS product to receive communications via email, and will automatically send the remainder to secure print facilities to be printed and mailed.

    2 Up Coupon Book

    Expected to be released in the Fall of 2018, TOPS Mailroom will be a convenient and professional option for management professionals to print coupon books for 2019 homeowner assessment payments. These coupon books are white-labeled with customer logos and professionally designed to make your brand shine.

    TOPS Mailroom offers the same convenience and immediacy provided by your management company’s in-house mail room, with all the savings that professional print services provide. Clients can expect to save at least 20% over current coupon printing services, through the reduction of labor, reduced postage rates and direct printing costs.

    Upon release this Fall, signup for TOPS Mailroom will be easily accomplished from within the customer’s existing TOPS product. Customers will also be able to easily track the status of their jobs and create projects from within the app.

    So this year, save the date on ordering your coupons to experience the savings and convenience that TOPS Mailroom will provide.