Introducing the TOPS Customer Success Community

    Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on January 28, 2015

    TOPS Software's New Customer Success Community


    TOPS is full of so many features that it can be difficult to keep up with all of the awesome things you can do to automate your management business. That’s why we’re introducing the TOPS Customer Success Community. It’s more than just a portal. The TOPS Community is a fully interactive support experience that allows you to access your support cases, ask questions and find answers.

    With the new TOPS Community, we are opening up an all new channel for you to request support. You may now request support fully online (via the community as well as via email) without ever having to pick up the phone! Of course, if you miss our friendly voices, phone support is always available.

    The TOPS Community links our support case management database to you the customer, so there is no more middle man. Creating a case in the Community creates a case directly in our system, and you will automatically be assigned to the support team member who is working on your case, so you can add comments, share attachments, whatever is needed to resolve the issue.

    You also gain access to our internal support knowledge base, which contains hundreds of support articles that we have traditionally reserved for our own technicians. These knowledge articles provide solutions to every kind of support issue imaginable, and the database is constantly growing as our support team members continue to share their knowledge.

    We've prepared a guide that will walk you through all of the features available on the TOPS Customer Success Community, and how to use them. Download it now!