Keeping an Eye on Michael

    Posted by Maria Reyes on October 8, 2018

    Rain, rain, go away...


    Clearwater, and pretty much all of Florida, is no stranger to the dreaded hurricane season. Even though the season is almost over, we have to keep an eye on Hurricane Michael, who is creeping up and gaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico. 

    Hurricane Michael will likely make landfall as a Category 3 storm, on Monday, mostly affecting the panhandle.

    Though this Hurricane is not expected to affect us in the Clearwater area, there is a chance that we will feel some effects from the storm. 


    As of now, we are expected to have our office opened during normal business hours. 

    If anything should develop, we will post an update on our blog. 

    Our thoughts go out to those in the storms' path. 

    Thank you and be safe! 


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