Expanding the Leadership Team at TOPS Software

    Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on February 12, 2019

    As we continue to grow our user base, our team has been growing alongside it (so much so that our office space is bursting at the seams)! With new people comes a need for new leadership to support them, and we've started off 2019 with some fresh new faces in our leadership team that we are excited to introduce to you:

    Tricia Berggren, Implementation Manager

    When a new user gets a hand up in learning a new system, everyone wins! Whether you're hiring new people for your team, or transitioning to TOPS [ONE], you need the help that our training and onboarding team can provide. That's why we are proud to welcome Tricia Berggren as our new Implementation Manager! Tricia and her team of trainers and data specialists are working hand in hand with our Customer Success team to help ensure that every new user gets off to a good start. 

    Tricia came from CareerBuilder, where she was a Senior Implementation Manager working with two of their SaaS product lines. Her expertise in onboarding for software as a service, along with her strong customer service and sales background make her a great addition to the TOPS team.

    Daniel Gomez, Quality Assurance Manager

    Taking care of users is about more than just the personal touch. Part of our mission is to insure that the product runs as smoothly as possible, particularly as we continue to add new features and functionality to TOPS [ONE]. When it comes to making sure the product comes out right, Daniel Gomez is the man for the job!

    With over 10 years of QA experience working with enterprise software and over 7 years of experience in building automation, Daniel is highly qualified to take our product integrity to the next level. He has already begun implementing new strategies to help ensure that bugs are caught before updates get released to the customers, and strengthening safeguards to protect users with the addition of a User Acceptance Testing Environment. Daniel says, "Even though I don't deal directly with our clients, I enjoy the fact that I can create and setup new processes that helps our clients see a better and faster TOPS [ONE]." (And we couldn't agree more!)

    Jennifer Ferguson, Sales Development Manager

    Sometimes a friendly voice on the phone, or a real person on the other side of the computer screen is just what you need to get your questions answered. If you've called our sales line lately, or chatted on our website, that means you've met one of our incredible sales development team members! Our new Sales Development Manager, Jennifer Ferguson is the magic behind the team.

    With over 20 years of experience in Sales and Sales Development, Jennifer has launched new software products, built sales teams, and has small business management experience bringing a vast array of skills and life experiences over her career. Jennifer is fired up about being a part of TOPS because of the benefits she sees that TOPS [ONE] brings to communities, with improved homeowner engagement, and is passionate about how technology can change lives.

    David Cox, Deal Desk Manager

    With the continuing expansion of our team, and the increases in adoption of TOPS [ONE], we realized that not every sale is the same, and we needed to have a structure in place to help every new customer get a deal that works for their unique needs. The Deal Desk Manager works with all of the teams related to bringing on a new customer (Product, Success, Implementation, Sales and Marketing) to help make sure that every new customer finds the right fit for them and gets a product that will help improve their organization.

    David Cox comes to our team with a background in Sales, Leadership and Management and is the perfect fit for helping our customers find their perfect fit! Dave says he is excited to take TOPS to a whole new level, and cannot wait to help continue the growth and success of our clients and industry.

    Please join us in welcoming these new leaders and know that each and every one of them is dedicated to making you more successful in the coming years!