Eve N You Can Fix Magical Disappearing MICR Check Printing Files

    Posted by Eve DuBose on August 23, 2012

    Did your MICR Check Printing files magically disappear? Oh... My... Gosh... I don't know about you, but this does NOT make my day magically delicious!

    Well my eager to fix this and move on with your day kinda TOPS clients, it is SUPER EASY to REINSTALL your own MICR files!!!

    wOOt wOOT !!!

    -FIRST- What do I need?

    You need to identify which MICR Check Printing files you require and obtain them by email from TOPS Support. There are MANY "types" of MICR files for the TOPS programs depending on the TOPS release YOU are using.

    (Be sure to let us know which you are, and what kinda Windows platform you are using if you need us to email you the needed install files.)

    Don't worry, I will label them *MULTIPLE CHOICE* so you only get a few to choose from ;) Easy breezy beautiful.

    1. TOPS Version 3.10 - a.k.a. you MUST NEED to upgrade by now.
    2. TOPS Version 3.2.1 - on Windows XP
    3. TOPS Version 3.2.1 - on Windows VISTA or Windows 7
    4. TOPS Version 4.0 - on Windows XP, or Windows VISTA, or Windows 7
    5. TOPS Version 4.1 - on Windows XP, or Windows VISTA, or Windows 7

    -SECOND- Why would I do this?

    *more multiple choice fun!*

    Lets discuss exactly what kinda things can cause it to stop working?

    • Adding a new bank account in ANY community.
    • Adding a new user to TOPS.
    • Adding a new work station.
    • A reboot of a workstation without proper RIGHTS to install FONTS.
    • A system crash.
    • A new install of TOPS.
    • A re-install of TOPS.
    • An upgrade of TOPS.

    What a fragile little flower.

    For some, it works forever and ever amen...

    cool huh? yea...

    -THIRD- OK, I need to do this, now tell me how!!!?

    For the rest of us, here's what we can do in a few minutes to fix it:

    1. Open the email from TOPS containing the MICR as its attachment.
    2. Right click on the attachment in the email.
    3. SAVE this attachment to the DESKTOP of your workstation.
    4. Unzip to DESKTOP by Right clicking the attachment on the desktop and select OPEN WITH, Compressed Zipped File and follow the wizard.
    5. CLOSE !!! TOPS Software if open.
    6. Double click & run the "SETUP" icon from the Unzipped files.
    7. REBOOT Workstation.

    You may need to run TOPS Internet Updater if you are still on a TOPS version 3.2.1.

    DONEEEEEE !!!!!

    And the good news is- there is NO WAY you can mess anything up doing this even if you do it wrong. If you do it wrong or get unsure... just call me!



    I love me some Blondie LOL


    Image Credit: RikkisRefuge Other via flickr