Eve N You Can Customize Enhanced Bills (Special Thanksgiving Edition)

    Posted by Eve DuBose on November 12, 2012

    Happy Thanksgiving :)

    In the spirit of the season… homesteading and dinner time and all… I am sharing the following true story about my friend Anna:

    I have a friend, who when she was 4 years old, LOVED her grandmothers homemade chicken noodle soup. Her grandmother was old county Polish and made the whole thing from scratch including the fresh from the yard chicken if you know what I mean.

    It was Thanksgiving and again this little girl wanted grandmothers homemade chicken noodle soup. Grandmother DENIED her – saying NO – we’re not having soup, we’re having TURKEY !!!

    The little girl was too smart to just give up, also observing that everyone was sooooo busy with the meal she decided that if she wanted the soup, she should just make it herself. The little 4 year old HAD seen the whole process, and confident she set out to the yard, first for the chicken.

    The big ones were too fast or too mean or fought back too much to be caught… then she spied a little one… (a gosling actually LOL) and it couldn’t escape. Grabbing the little bird up she took it into the barn, grabbed the AXE, held the little bird down with the one hand, raised the really freggin heavy AXE with the other…



    Well… like all Grandmothers who realize it’s a beautiful peaceful day… too peaceful… had set out to discover the whyyyy it was sooo quiet…


    Walked in just in time to grab the AXE before it fell on the poor little gosling’s head before it’s time has fully come. BUT… the little girl DID get chicken soup that day after the grandmother realized just how badly the little girl wanted it.

    Bad parenting for rewarding such behavior???

    Maybe… but you try being that grandmother in that moment grabbing an AXE from a 4 year old just before a bloodbath and see if you don’t dig some leftover frozen soup out of the freezer !!!???

    The moral of the story is : If you want something that’s not going your way, make it go the way you want…

    Sort of like ENHANCED BILLS :)

    If you don’t like how the ENHANCED BILLS prints out the wording : Pay online at: then this is what you can do about it all by yourself ;)

    1. AR, Bills and Coupons, Enhanced Bills,

    2. Click the LAYOUTS button at the bottom left of the window,

    3. Click & Highlight the VINTAGE GRAY layout icon,

    4. Click the CLONE button at the bottom,

    5. Re-name it : something like : EVErocksVintageGray (don’t forget to personalize the rename and include the style such as Vintage Gray in the rename so you remember which format it is after all…)

    6. Now that you see your CLONE : EVErocksVintageGray - Click & Highlight the EVErocksVintageGray and then click the DESIGN button at the bottom,

    7. TO GET RID OF ANYTHING YOU DON’T LIKE ON THE CLONE SUCH AS Pay online at: [CommunityFields.Online Payment Link]

    8. Select the ADVANCE VIEW bullet at top of window,

    9. Then click on the words on the screen that say Pay online at: [CommunityFields.Online Payment Link] (they won’t highlight but they will get little round/square thingys around them)

    10. At the right of the screen you will see TWO WINDOWS – the TOPS one days DATA, the bottom one days PROPERTIES,

    11. In the PROPERTIES BOX,

    12. Scroll UP till you see : TEXT Pay online at: [CommunityFields.Online Payment Link]

    13. Put your curser on the Pay online at: [CommunityFields.Online Payment Link] and then BACKSPACE OVER IT TILL IT’S GONE!


    15. Click the SAVE LAYOUT BUTTON at the TOP LEFT of the window… and you are ready to use your CLONE Improved EVErocksVintageGray Layout!


      Xoxoxoxoxo Happy Thanksgiving :)

     Image Credit: Malcolm Carlaw via flickr