Eulogy for a Server

    Posted by Meigan Montoya on May 17, 2017

    Dead Server.jpeg

    We are saddened to report the untimely demise of one of our most reliable of servers, causing some technical difficulties for TOPS clients. Specifically, this machine checked the anti-theft security measures built in to multiple TOPS products. As a result, you may be experiencing difficulties with any of the following:

    Affected Products:

    • TOPS Launcher (Pro, iQ)
    • TOPS GO!
    • TOPS iMail
    • TOPS Internet Backup
    • TOPS OnPoint

    We apologize for the inconvenience you may experience when attempting to access these products, and assure you that we are working to get the new system up and functional as quickly as we can.

    P.S.: In case you would like to join in our mourning, here is the eulogy…


    Eulogy for a Server

    He was about the size of a pizza box and lived in a cramped little closet, but we loved him. He served us well for many years—through security upgrades and viral attacks, and through more than 50 distinct versions of TOPS products. At times, we used him for everything from file hosting to account management. More than once, we offloaded his burden to others. He rarely complained. In the end, we realized we needed him more than we thought we did. And so today, we mourn his demise. He did not go out loudly with a bang, or grinding to a screeching halt. His passing was more of a whisper in the night. “So long, my friends, I have given you all I can. So long.”