Coming Soon to TOPS [ONE]: TOPS Mailroom

    Posted by Nicole Beal on October 18, 2018

    TOPS Mailroom is an embedded service, which will give users the ability to order professionally printed documents, statements, and coupons from SouthData, directly through the TOPS [ONE] application. These orders will then be mailed to the homeowners for you. There’s no additional work, just a new button.

    The first phase of the TOPS Mailroom release will be focused on the coupon ordering process. With TOPS Mailroom, users will be able to order coupons from SouthData directly through the TOPS [ONE] application. Once registered for the service, users will have access to the new TOPS Mailroom Partner in the Export Coupon feature. Export Coupons is being updated to include a quote widget, which will give an estimate of the coupon book cost and postage, prior to ordering. Coupons can be ordered for a community as a whole or for select individuals. There is no minimum cost or penalty, so if you only need to order one coupon book, you can.

    This will be the first of many releases for TOPS Mailroom. Future releases will include sending merge documents from Send Message, sending Statements from the Billing Statements feature, sending CCR letters, either individually or in batches, and sending collection letters. With these future releases you’ll be able to send all of these generated documents directly to SouthData, who will handle all of the printing and mailing for you.