6 Reasons to Book Your Room for CAMfire Now!

Posted by Tevin Mallory on October 4, 2017

Most people wait to make lodging arrangements until a few months before attending CAMfire. This can result in a disaster, as hotel availability is in a constant state of flux, meaning that the guest rooms that are available on the day you purchase your CAMfire ticket may not be available when you decide you're ready to handle accomodations. Regardless of when you plan to buy your CAMfire ticket, if you need to book a hotel room, here are six reasons to book your room right away!

Caribe Royale.png

  1. Save money. By booking a room in the CAMfire block, not only do ensure a place to stay, but you get a reduced room rate. Rates in our CAMfire room block are lower than rates for similar rooms throughout the hotel. You could risk not booking your room now in the hopes that the standard room rates drop, but the potential benefits of that happening are far outweighed by the possibility of the hotel booking up all of their reasonably-priced rooms.


  1.  Preferential Placement. The likelihood of every hotel room being booked during CAMfire is pretty slim for a hotel as large as the Caribe Royale, but if you want a room in the best location, then you'll want to act fast. For your comfort and convenience, our CAMfire room block neighbors the conference center and is centrally located to all of the other major hotel amenities. These rooms are limited, and once they are gone, you'll likely be stuck with a room somewhere hidden away from all of the classes and festivities. The early bird gets the worm so don't miss out, get your room before our block is filled!


  1. Get your preferred room accommodation. There are a limited number of room types, so make sure you book sooner rather than later to get the room you need. Most hotels have fewer suites and special accommodation type rooms. If you want a room with a mini fridge, a king-sized bed, or a walk-in shower, booking now means you're more likely to get what you want. Also, you never know exactly where a hotel is going to place you; if you're booking late, it's likely that you won't have much choice. The most sought-after rooms, such as those that are close to the pool or offer a good view, will probably have been snatched up.


  1. Flexibility. Booking at the last minute might sound like it will provide plenty of flexibility, but this is not always the case. Cancellation policies are often more generous if you have booked up your room well in advance. If you try to book last-minute, you might find that you're not allowed to claim a refund if your plans change.


  1. Avoid added logistics. Reduce the extra stress of needing to coordinate or provide transportation from one hotel to another. In the unfortunate event that the hotel runs out of rooms, you’ll have to book a room at a different hotel. That means you’ll have to factor in travel time, traffic hassle, and transportation costs into attending CAMfire


  1. Peace of mind. How great does it feel to cross an item off your to-do list? Workplaces are full of unforeseen events and surprise meetings. The daily flow of emails, team requests, and everything else regularly drown out other tasks we need to complete. Booking your room now means one less task to focus on later.


Image Credit: Caribe Royale Orlando

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