Making the Switch to TOPS [ONE]
...A Conversion Guide

      Is TOPS [ONE] a good fit for me? What is my Return on Investment? How does TOPS [ONE] compare? What will conversion be like? Will my community info be safe? How do I get started?

So you're thinking of making the switch to TOPS [ONE]? You probably have a lot of questions, whether you are an existing user of TOPS Professional or TOPS iQ, or you are comparing TOPS [ONE] to another product. Here we aim to answer all of those questions (and some you haven't even thought of!) to help you make your decision.

A Message to Existing TOPS Users

More than 30 years ago, my father set out to solve a problem he had in his own management company. The resulting software, TOPS, quickly became a household name in the community association management industry.

Over the years, we added a multitude of new features and functionality. We also added a number of clients, representing nearly 10,000 users nationwide. We are so glad you were able to join us on this journey.

But after 30 years of continuous development, the framework that TOPS Professional is built on is simply too outdated to continue to hang new functionality onto. That's why we created TOPS [ONE]. TOPS [ONE] is designed to be a modern product built on state-of-the-art technology that we can continue to build on and grow for another 30 years. And we'd like you to be a part of this journey going forward.

Changing software is no easy decision, and that goes doubly for an application that governs a very large portion of your day to day business. We understand that. And we will not take away TOPS Pro from you and your team if you aren't ready. But we think when you see TOPS [ONE], you will be just as excited about what we are trying to accomplish as we are, and you will want to become a part of it.

There's no pressure. You will not be forced to convert. This site is more intended to educate you about the state of TOPS [ONE] and help you determine whether (or when) is the right time for you to make the switch. Take your time. Explore. Enjoy. And be sure to ask us any questions you have. We would be happy to just talk.

Mike Hardy, President & CEO
TOPS Software, LLC

What's All-in-[ONE]?

A lot of products use the term all-in-one, but what does that really mean? With TOPS [ONE], our vision is to provide a platform for community association that serves as the central hub for every stakeholder.

The association affects your homeowners, your board members, your community vendors and your partners. So why should the management company be the only ones able to use the app?

What's My Return on Investment?

With TOPS [ONE], you get all the features, plus full service and more time in the field. Automate your world but keep your nickels & dimes and pick your own partners. The ROI is clear! Get the infographic here:

ROI Infographic

How Does TOPS [ONE] Compare?

Whatever product you are coming from, TOPS [ONE] stands out. Compare what you are currently using to see how it stacks up against TOPS [ONE].

Compare TOPS [ONE]

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Community Info Be Safe?

Your community data is the heart of your business, and that means that it is precious—both to you and to us.

We've gone to great lengths to provide the highest levels of security and best practices for managing infrastructure to ensure that your data assets are safe.

Security & Requirements

What Can I Expect?

Thinking of making the switch? Before you do anything, first find out if TOPS [ONE] is right for you, and compare your needs.

TOPS [ONE] is a full product conversion, so you'll need to plan for it. If TOPS [ONE] feels like a good fit for you, it's time to build your launch plan.

It's time to talk to your TOPS account manager. Already know your launch date? Give 3 months lead time to get your system set up and your team trained up.

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