Service Level Agreement for
TOPS products

    TOPS Customers are given the option of contracting TOPS for technical support. Our technical support team is located in our Clearwater, Florida office, and is available for customers during the following Service Level Window (SLW):

    Monday - Friday:
    9:00am - 8:00pm EST
    Be advised that TOPS Support may be closed no more than
    one (1) day per month for internal training and testing.
    Please note that all service level windows are based on business hours.
    Contact Support at:
    (800) 899-5689

    Following are the support services that you can count on, depending on the support plan your organization uses:


    Maximum Response Time Within the Designated SLW by Impact Level:

    Impact Levels 1 (Urgent) & 2 (High)

    8 hours

    1 hour

    Impact Level 3 (Normal)

    48 hours

    6 hours

    Impact Level 4 (Low)

    72 hours

    24 hours

     Add'l Users*

    Additional Fee Per User

     Unlimited Users

    Searchable Support Knowledge Base

    Submit & Vote on Product Improvement Ideas

    Unlimited Email Support**

    Unlimited Call Back Ticketing

    No Minimum Call Times/Overage Charges

    Semi-Annual Application Updates

    Regular Program Hotfixes

    Unlimited Online Training

    24/7 access to pre-recorded classes

    Customer Community Access

    Online Access to User Manuals

    Dedicated Account Manager

    Supported Communities



    Permitted Support Requests per Year



    * This does not apply to [ONE] clients
    ** Emailed tickets are set to normal priority (Level 3)

    Scope of Work:

    Technical support does not include manipulating your accounting books as part of the normal scope of work covered under this SLA. Accounting support is defined as any research needed to assist with balancing ledgers, offsetting GL accounts, or any issue/question that would arise from bookkeeping/accounting. 


    Impact Levels 1 and 2

    Impact Level 1 - URGENT: An extreme impact on a production system with no alternative available. Examples include a complete loss of service, or service hangs or is unavailable.

    Impact Level 2 - HIGH: A high impact on a production system. Essential service operations are disrupted but an alternative exists which allows for the continuance of essential operations.

    Impact Level 3 - NORMAL

    A normal impact on a production or test system that involves a partial or limited loss of non-critical functionality, where an alternative exists which allows for the continuance of normal operations.

    Impact Level 4 - LOW

    A low impact on a production or test system that involves no loss in functionality, or a general usage question including questions that reference product documentation, or feature requests.