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TOPS Software, LLC Named Platinum Readers’ Choice Award Winner

  April 25, 2018 - Awards

TOPS Software, a leading provider of accounting-based community association management software for Condo, Co-Op and Homeowners Associations, has been named a Platinum Readers' Choice Award Winner for 2018 by the Florida Community Association Journal magazine.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (April 22 - 28)

  April 22, 2018 - CAM Mashup

Cutting out the investors in short-term rentals, meeting time management, tracking custom data, and the Peter Principle for fraudsters, all this week on the CAM Mashup

Best Practices for Tracking Custom Data for Community Associations

  April 19, 2018 - Technology, Management Tools

Tracking custom fields consolidates your info, and prevents errors due to outdated or inaccessible data. Custom fields help workflows by making it easier for you to evaluate, categorize, report on and customize communications. Learn how to plan and set up custom fields in association management.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (April 15 - 21)

  April 15, 2018 - CAM Mashup

From it's the fairly innocuous association voting, to knowing when to finish the fight for a bid, to the new legal conundrums facing Florida's coastal communities. All this and more in this week's CAM Mashup!

TOPS Software Partners with Axela Technologies to Provide Community Associations with Fully Automated Collection Solutions

  April 13, 2018 - Technology, Partners

TOPS Software announces new integration with Axela Technologies to provide TOPS users with additional options to collect on delinquent assessments.

The War for Florida's Beaches

  April 13, 2018 - Large Management Companies, Legal

Beachfront property owners are about to have an easier time roping off their private beach areas...unless the government decides to get involved. Starting July 1, 2018, HB 631 will force local government to sue coastal property owners for public beach access. Here's what you need to know.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (April 8 - 14)

  April 8, 2018 - CAM Mashup

Social media, bankruptcy, swing sets in lawsuits and local government - These are a few of the things community associations need to be prepared to face. Learn the dos and don't in this week's CAM Mashup.

HOA & Condo Delinquencies: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

  April 5, 2018 - Guest Post

When it comes to Condo and HOA delinquencies, getting in front of the problem goes a long way to preventing a special assessment. Mitch Drimmer of Axela Technologies explains the benefits of predicting delinquencies and how a quality collections solution can really change the game!

CAM Mash Up: This Week (April 1 - 7)

  April 1, 2018 - CAM Mashup

This week we've got a great lineup in the CAM Mashup for you all--updates to our previous article, how to build community engagement, and a big announcement from our TOPS Support team!

New to TOPS | Making Your Tools Work for You

  March 29, 2018 - Technical Support, Technology, Customers, TOPS

Like cooking good food, you only get out of your software what you put into it. If you can put in the time to learn how to use the tools at your disposal, your TOPS experience can be so much better. Learn about the tools available to TOPS [ONE] clients.

TOPS Support to Offer Multilingual Services

  March 29, 2018 - Customers, TOPS

TOPS Software is pleased to announce that beginning in April, our Support channel will officially be multilingual, offering phone support in English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

TOPS [ONE] Update

  March 26, 2018 - Program Updates, TOPS [ONE]

The TOPS [ONE] team has updated the program with expanded AR functionality, a revised community setup process, new GL report export styling options, and more! See all of the new features and updates here.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (Mar 25 - 31)

  March 25, 2018 - CAM Mashup

Board engagement, hiring contractors, websites in Florida, and reserves - this week we cover the foundations of community association management. All of this, and more in this week's CAM Mashup!

Everything You Need to Know About Condo & HOA Websites in Florida

  March 23, 2018 - Association Boards, Featured

New statutes passed in 2017 will take effect January 1, 2019. Is your Condo/HOA website compliant? Do you have one? If not, you need one! See what else you'll need to follow the law in Florida.

We're Hiring CAM Professionals

  March 21, 2018 - TOPS

We're starting a brand new department, and we need community association professionals like you to staff it! Learn more about this exciting opportunity to work with management companies and CAM professionals to help them achieve success.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (Mar 18 - 24)

  March 18, 2018 - CAM Mashup

CAM Mashup this Week: Rules, rules, and more rules! This week's CAM Mashup is dedicated to some of the trending regulations being discussed this week. From populating your HOA Board, to equal housing regulations in terms of transgender persons, to condo resident's rights to privacy, it's all here!

Avoid These Six Common Detours in your Reserve Study "Roadmap to the Future"

  March 16, 2018 - Accounting, Partners, Featured, CAMfire

This year at the CAMfire Conference, Robert Nordlund, CEO of Association Reserves, spoke about the six common detours you'll face in your 'reserve study road map,' and how to avoid them.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (Mar 11 - 17)

  March 11, 2018 - CAM Mashup

CAM Mashup this Week: What do you fear? Public Speaking? Embezzlement? Volunteers with Unreasonable Expectations? Volunteers who Refuse to Step Down? Help for these and more - Read on for this week in community association management!

TOPS welcomes BillingTree as Payments Services partner offering solutions to TOPS Professional, TOPS iQ and TOPS ONE customers

  February 28, 2018 - Partners, TOPS [ONE] Integration

TOPS Software LLC integrates Billingtree and Payrazr technology to run on its new TOPS [ONE] HOA solution.

AvidXchange™ and TOPS Expands its Strategic Partnership

  February 27, 2018 - Partners, TOPS Connect

AvidXchange™ and TOPS Software announced an expansion to its strategic partnership. Since 2009, both teams have worked to deliver a best-in-class solution to meet the needs of community association management (CAM) companies.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (Feb 25 - March 3)

  February 25, 2018 - CAM Mashup

CAM Mashup this Week: The word of the week is: EDU-TRAIN-MENT! Check out this week's best in education, training, and entertainment! Still want more? Meet us in Orlando from Feb. 28 - March 2 for The CAMfire Conference--THE industry conference for EDU-TRAIN-MENT!

A Word From Keynote Speaker Randi Bussi

  February 22, 2018 - CAMfire

Randi Bussi, co-author of "Turning Rants Into Raves: Turn Your Customers On Before They Turn On YOU!” has a message for everyone attending CAMfire 2018!

TOPS [ONE] Update

  February 19, 2018 - Program Updates, TOPS [ONE]

The TOPS [ONE] team has updated the program with expanded Cost Center and Custom Reporting Functionality! See all of the new features and updates here.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (Feb 18 - 24)

  February 18, 2018 - CAM Mashup

CAM Mashup this Week: A list of lists to help you better your HOA, better your work life, and better your communication, plus much more.

The Ultimate List of CAM Industry Events in 2018

  February 16, 2018 - CAM Industry, Featured

We've compiled a huge list of 2018 CAM events to encourage you to take advantage of the professional development opportunities happening in your area!

HOAst, Inc offers Online Voting Services for TOPS Clients

  February 12, 2018 - TOPS iQ Integration, TOPS Connect, TOPS [ONE] Integration

MyHOAst Pro, the online e-voting platform is available as a plugin via the TOPS Connect API for Condo and HOA management customers.

CAM Mash Up: This Week (Feb 11 - 17)

  February 11, 2018 - CAM Mashup

CAM Mashup this Week: The art of strategy! Powering through tedious tasks, handling common HOA complaints, bolstering your education and more.

FRONTSTEPS to Sponsor CAMfire Conference 2018

  February 9, 2018 - Partners, CAMfire

FRONTSTEPS will be the exclusive gold sponsor of CAMfire, a community association management conference in Orlando, Florida February 28-March 2nd 2018.

Act Now! Special Rates on CAMfire Rooms Extended

  January 30, 2018 - CAMfire

The time to act is now, special rates are expiring. You can still save money on your CAMfire ticket by booking your room using our room rate discount!

New Changes Taking Effect in Support

  January 25, 2018 - Technical Support

TOPS Client Services is implementing an impact-based response system that will allow us to respond faster to clients with higher needs.

TOPS [ONE] Update

  January 22, 2018 - Program Updates, TOPS [ONE]

The TOPS [ONE] team has updated the program with expanded Cost Center functionality and more! See all of the new features and updates here.

Closing the Books on 2017

  January 11, 2018 - Accounting, Legal

All about year end: how to close the books in all TOPS products, as well as answers to the most commonly asked questions from our support team.

TOPS Software Announces Strategic Growth Investment from American Discovery Capital

  January 9, 2018 - Featured, TOPS

Investment will build upon TOPS’ leadership position in the community management software space to fuel continued growth and product expansion.

Integration Between TOPS [ONE] and ClickPay Provides Clients with Simplified Resident Payment Collection Experience

  December 14, 2017 - Accounting, Partners

New integration between TOPS and ClickPay provides additional payment channel options to community associations.

TOPS Software Announces e-Filing Integration with Greatlands's Yearli

  December 12, 2017 - Partners, TOPS iQ Integration

Leading Community Association software provider TOPS to integrate Greatland's Yearli to provide TOPS users with direct data import for easy tax form filing.

Partnership Update | TOPS & DuesPayment

  October 31, 2017 - Partners, TOPS

YapStone and TOPS have taken steps to ensure there’s no interruption to your payments and no change to the way you collect online payments today!