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Introducing TOPS iQ

TOPS iQ is the premier Community Association Management software from TOPS. TOPS iQ combines comprehensive Management, Accounting, and Automation features, and leverages the benefits of hosted data in the cloud. TOPS iQ allows you to work smarter, not harder, freeing you from busy work and allowing you more time to focus on your core competency.

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Intelligent Community Management

TOPS iQ allows you to easily manage work orders, violations, and even resident services. Our simple accounting features are integrated into every module and include many reporting options. And, the time-saving automation means you will spend less time on administrative work and more time focusing on your clients.

  • Stop trying to work in many different programs
    TOPS allows you to manage and view all Homeowner related information from one screen.
  • Maximize your time through automation
    Schedule TOPS to perform key functions during off hours, allowing you to spend more time with your clients.
  • Reports export to PDF, Word™, and Excel™
    Get the output you want and the flexibility to tailor them for any application.
Reliable and Flexible

TOPS iQ is available 24/7/365 and offers greater than 99.5% uptime, guaranteed. With TOPS iQ, your entire team can work remotely on a PC, Mac, iPad, or Android device.

TOPS believes in providing your organization with all the tools you need to grow your business and satisfy your customers. While not every feature is needed for every community, having the flexibility and power to offer a wide array of integrated services helps you win more business.


iQ Fits Any Size Management Company

TOPS iQ includes all the tools large, medium, and small operations need to manage:

  • Owners, Communications, and Email
  • Receivables, Payables, and Financial Management
  • Maintenance and Rules Enforcement
  • Collections and Violation processing
  • Bank Integration, Community Websites, and more!

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Your questions about TOPS iQ answered
TOPS iQ is the latest HOA/Condo Association Management software product from TOPS. TOPS iQ contains valuable new features and enhancements in a cloud-based hosted environment.

Increase Collaboration

"Anywhere I've got an Internet connection, I've got the full TOPS version. No matter where I am, we're looking at the same data. Where before, I'd have to be back at the office with [my accounting manager]. " – Mike Bono, Bono & Associates

Reduce costs and minimize hassle.

“I don’t have the funds to support other people’s salaries right now. I’m saving money all over the place. And, I’m paying about half of the usual IT budget. ... I knew that my time was more important than shopping for servers. I have more faith in someone else managing the technology.” — Jennifer Senffner, Owner, Classic Community Management Corp.
    (from the Classic Community Case Study: Download it here.)

Make work easier.

"We purchased the TOPS a month ago and already my life is easier. I have found that of all the programs I have used for my property management company, this is the most efficient." – Joe Baez, Vice President, Southwest Property Management
"Converting new associations is a much easier task than when we did it manually; we have reduced our new Association startup by a factor of two or three.” — Jeff Chapman, Assistant Director, Amelia Island Management
     (from the Amelia Island Case Study: Download it here.)
All-new User Interface, Workspace Manager, Grid Views, Dashboards, New Interactive Reports and Enhanced Form Letters. New development is focused in this area, so future enhancements to TOPS products will focus on TOPS iQ.
Data of existing TOPS customers will be converted automatically (See here for details). Not a TOPS customer yet? Request a Demo.
TOPS offers web-based training classes throughout the year, with 4 live classes per week, covering a wide range of topics. TOPS Corporate Trainers can also visit your company to provide more customized training. See here for details. TOPS also offers training at our annual CAMfire Conference.
The standard TOPS Implementation time period is 90 days. This Implementation typically includes server setup, data conversion, and training. Depending on your schedule and availability the Implementation could take less time.

If you are an existing customer using TOPS Professional, then your Implementation should only take a few days to a week or more depending on your schedule, which would encompass the server set up and data conversion.
TOPS Implementation Plans
Yes. Please contact a TOPS Account Representative at 1-800-760-9966.
With hosted deployment, the only requirements for using TOPS iQ are an internet connection and Internet Explorer! If you are a Mac user, you can access TOPS iQ by using Microsoft's free Remote Desktop application.
Pricing for iQ depends on which TOPS add-ons you need and how many registered users will be using the software. Contact a TOPS Account Representative for a custom price quote: 1-800-760-9966, or use our free price quote form:
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If you are an existing TOPS Hosted client, call your TOPS Account Representative to initiate the update to TOPS iQ: (800) 760-9966. The upgrade to iQ is free for existing TOPS Hosted clients.



Hosted Data = Anywhere Access

With TOPS iQ, your community data is always within reach wherever you have an internet connection. Whether attending a board meeting, reviewing reports on an iPad, or performing a community inspection on a smart phone, all aspects of your operation are always at your fingertips. This constant availability leads to higher productivity.

TOPS Hosted

Your Data is Secure

TOPS' hosting partner, Trapp Online, adheres to the same security standards and encryption used in financial industries, so you can rest assured that your data is secure.

  • All of our servers are protected by a multiple-level firewall system, designed to minimize security risks
  • Our servers are continually monitored for unauthorized access. Immediate corrective actions will be taken should anyone be found attempting to misuse any of our clients’ servers.
  • The data you store on our servers is backed up daily, ensuring that it is secure and can be retrieved reliably.


Hosted — IT Benefits

TOPS iQ provides all the features of TOPS Professional plus the following IT benefits of working from "the Cloud":

  • A savings in IT resources
  • No need to build an internal infrastructure for support
  • No additional cost associated with purchasing redundant servers, or providing for disaster recovery
  • Avoid the depreciation of aging hardware assets
  • Proactive and preventative maintenance is performed on cloud machines by skilled/dedicated personnel
  • Fully-secure off-site data center